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FAQs – Challenge

• Is it possible to participate in multiple challenges simultaneously?

Yes, you have the flexibility to participate in multiple challenges concurrently. All the steps you take will be counted and contribute to each of the challenges you’re engaged in.

• When is the registration period for the challenge?

Participation eligibility varies depending on the specific challenge. Each challenge is accompanied by its unique set of Terms and Conditions, which outline the rules and requirements. To determine if you can register for a challenge, please review the challenge details, specifically checking the registration period. These details will provide you with all the necessary information to ensure your eligibility and participation in the challenge of your choice.

• What measures are in place to prevent cheating?

Auditing is conducted periodically when our system detects significant spikes in step counts or specific step patterns. If you receive a contact from one of our BookDoc Admins requesting evidence, please don’t be surprised. This is a routine part of our audit process, which aims to ensure the accuracy and integrity of step data. Your cooperation in providing evidence is greatly appreciated, as it plays a crucial role in maintaining the reliability of our system.

• How do I join a Virtual Challenge?

Press “Activ”, followed by “Challenges”. Choose one or more Virtual Challenges you would like to join then press “Join Challenge”.

• Do I have to pay to join a Virtual Challenge?

While most of our Virtual Challenges are free to join, please refer to the terms and conditions of each individual Virtual Challenge to determine if any payment is required.