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A Corporate Wellness Program That Works!

The leading provider for health and wellness programs.

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Wellness Program Goals

A sustainable and achievable lifestyle management program – we offer comprehensive support to your employees in achieving their health goals

Physical Health

Motivate your team to stay active through friendly competition & attractive incentives

Gamified Features & Fun Challenges

Team-boosting monthly fitness challenges.

More Steps, More Rewards

Attractive vouchers for F&B, tourist attractions, sports equipment, pharmacies, and more.

Diet & Nutrition

Empower your team to make better food choices
and optimise their nutrition with tailored coaching

Your Personal Health Coach

All employees receive personalised coaching from a professional dietitian/nutritionist.

Interactive Health Talks

Captivating and informative sessions
exploring trending health topics.

Food Log & Rating

Make healthier choices while enjoying your favourite food with our Traffic Light Food Rating.

Mental Health

Inspire your team to prioritize mental well-being by providing support & resources.

Mental Health Assessment

Keep your mental health in check
by staying aware of your emotions.


Resources to ensure your team receives the help and support they need in difficult times.

Employee Benefits

Discover perks that elevate job satisfaction and overall well-being.

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    Streamline & Digitize Medical Claims
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    Streamline Admin Tasks & Paperwork
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    Adaptable & Personalized Entitlements
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    User Friendly & Real Time Tracking
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    Analytics-Enhanced Dashboard
Employee Benefits

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