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HRDC Claimable Wellness Programs

Engage and prioritise your health journey today

Elevate Your Teams Performance

Programmes Available

Customize your path to peak wellness with our wide selection of wellness program options.

Exciting Interactive Wellness Activities

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    Food Preparation Workshops
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    Health Carnivals
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    Fitness Session
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    Health Screening
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    Nutritious Lunch
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90-Day Wellness Boost


Your Team’s Journey to Peak Health

Our tailored 90-day program provides personalised support, health screenings, activities, workshops, and rewards to guide teams towards peak health.

Designed to boost productivity and reduce healthcare costs, our program delivers measurable results, fostering a vibrant workforce and contributing to long-term company success.

Frequently Asked Questions

HRD Corp Claimable Courses was formerly known as SBL Khas is a scheme to assist registered employers, especially those with limited resources to train and up-skill their employees in line with their operational and business requirements. Under this scheme, HRD Corp will pay the course fee (subjected to 4% service fee from 1 April 2021) directly to the training providers by deducting the amount from the employers’ levy account.

HRD Corp will also pay other claimable allowances to the employer. The total claimable amount is
subjected to the approval of each individual grant application.

Source: Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) HRD Corp Claimable Courses Version 4 (September 2021)

For more information, please visit HRD Corp Support Centre

The duration of the program must be at least 4 hours. Companies can choose to opt for the half-day, 4-hour program or the full-day, 8-hour program.

Grant applications must be submitted by registered employers online before the training commences.

Source: General FAQs – Grant & Claim Application

For more information, please visit HRD Corp Support Centre


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