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FAQs – Food Log

• Do I have to include the calories when uploading?

It’s entirely optional, and if you’re uncertain about calculating your food calories, our nutritionist is available to assist you. Our team of nutrition experts can provide guidance and support, ensuring that you have accurate information to help you manage your nutritional needs effectively. Feel free to reach out to our nutritionist if you have any questions or require assistance in this regard.

• Can I upload old meal photos?

You are absolutely welcome to upload photos of your previous meals for the purpose of backtracking. This will help you gain insights into what you’ve been consuming over the past few weeks or months, including calorie counts. It’s a valuable tool for assessing your dietary habits and making informed choices for your nutrition. Please feel free to share your meal photos with us, and we’ll assist you in better understanding your dietary patterns.

• How many photos can I upload at once?

Currently, you can upload one photo at a time. However, you can upload multiple meals by using different photos for each one. This allows you to efficiently document and track various meals individually, making it easier to maintain a comprehensive dietary record.