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FAQs – Search & Book

• Can I make an appointment on behalf of someone else?

Yes. You may click “Someone Else” when completing the Booking Appointment form.

• Will there be reminders once I have made an appointment?

Yes. A reminder will be sent to you once you have made an appointment on the app.

• Can I cancel / reschedule an appointment?

Yes, you may cancel / reschedule your appointment.

Step 1: Click the Menu bar. (Triple line icon at the top left corner)

Step 2: Click “Search & Book”.

Step 3: Click “Upcoming Appointment” > “Cancel Appointment”.

• Is it limited to private clinics?

No. BookDoc is also collaborating with the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MoH) and you may find Klinik Kesihatan listed on our app.

• How long are the appointed time slots?

While there is no fixed maximum time limit for appointment slots, the length of each appointment slot is based on the discretion of the respective doctor, as listed on the app.