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Better Management

Manage and Schedule Appointments Easily

The appointment booking system puts you in control of your schedule and appointments. Now, you can organize your activities and plan ahead for the day without fear of last-minute cancellations from patients.

With the appointment booking system, you can also make quick changes to the schedule and be sure of the number of patients you will be attending to in a day.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce the No-Show Rate

Patients can often be forgetful about their appointment times and dates. With our appointment booking system, designed to send confirmations and reminders to patients after they have booked an appointment, the patient no-show rate can significantly be reduced.

With less wasted appointment slots, you can maximize the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your practice.

Doctors’ Portal

Easy, Instant Access to Patient Information

The doctors’ portal allows you to conveniently and easily access patient information and manage appointments from any location at all times using any device with Internet access.

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