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Own A Virtual Clinic

Our Tele-Consult feature offers a safe and secure platform for you to treat patients who are unable to attend a face-to-face appointment, whether for reasons of illness, mobility, inconvenience, time constraints or otherwise. Delivering consultations and prescriptions via chat and video frees up your appointment slots for other patients, thereby increasing your patient numbers and revenue.


Health-centric Online Store

Marketplace is a health-centric e-commerce platform where hospitals and clinics, among others, can list for sale health-related products and services such as various health screening packages, treatments, vaccinations and more. Currently, the Marketplace feature is available to our corporate clients and their employees.

Health Articles & Events

Engage and Educate the Public

In this section, we publicize articles on healthcare and well-being authored by healthcare professionals and healthcare-related events, such as talks, hosted by doctors and/or medical centres. With a user-base of over 700,000 you can be sure your articles and events will reach out to the widest possible audience base. Our platform will also allow users to enrol/register for your events with ease.