This happens if user had created 2 or more user accounts with us. This can be easily resolved by disabling one of the user accounts. Please share with us the Name, Email and Phone Number that you registered with BookDoc for us to do the needful.

Regarding the SMS pin, we rely on a third-party service provider and sometimes there could be some disruptions in the SMS delivery. We hope to get it sorted out soonest possible.

Please restart your phone and retry generating SMS pin again. Also please ensure that your internet connection is decent when doing so. This step normally resolve the issue due to update of your carrier settings

Normally the situation you described happens might be due to Google Fit Setting or you have multiple Google accounts stored in your phone, and the one associated with your Google Fit wasn’t selected the first time when you tried to sync to Google Fit on our BookDoc App.

For us to further assist you,please provide us some screenshots of your Google Fit – the home page so that we can see your steps. Also click the top left menu icon on Google Fit and share with us the screenshot (there should be a side menu showing the associated Google account).

Meantime, please ensure the “Activity Detection” and “High Accuracy Location” in Google Fit Setting have been turned on.

Due to security for iPhone, every time when you open the BookDoc app, the syncing button will appear on the right corner of the Activ tab. Please ensure that you let the syncing process to be completed before clicking onto the Activ tab. Remember to sync the data in few days gaps and especially on the last day of the calendar month.

Our Average count in BookDoc and Samsung Health will be different. Please refer below example:-

Day 1 – 1k steps
Day 2 – 2k steps

Beginning of Day 3 (0.00am) – Samsung Health still 0 steps

On Samsung Health, average is calculated based on day 1 & 2 ==> 1.5k steps

On BookDoc, average is calculated based on all 3 days ==> (1k + 2k + 0) / 3 = 1k steps

But, BookDoc average will update as you start accumulating steps on day 3.
Wearable device that can share data with BookDoc App:
1. Fitbit
2. Garmin
3. Jawbone
4. Mi Band / Mi Band 2 (indirectly via Google Fit and data have to update in daily basic)

Our app started syncing with fitness tracking apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health and fitness trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin due to their credibility and presence. As much as we would like to work with all brands, unfortunately there are many brands that either do not support integration with third-party app or their steps tracking is not very accurate.
If you wish to deactivate/change the facility/activation code or IC number/position, you can deactivate the code at BookDoc Setting,
Click “Menu Bar” (Top Left) > “Setting” > “Premium Programme” > “Deactivate Premium Programme”.
follow by reactivating again using the correct code and detail.
Normally we encourage longest 5 days gaps to sync wearable device (Fitbit/Garmin) data to the respective app.

As for BookDoc app, for the historical 4 days, the data will only be updated overnight. The immediate sync happens for steps of the day only.

If the user only sync wearable device (Fitbit/Garmin) more than 5 days interval, there is a risk of losing steps for days older than 5 days.
We regret to inform you that the reward system only allows redemption in a fixed period of time i.e. the first 7 days of the redemption month.

We have ‘pop-up’ reminders for the 1st day as well as on the last 2 days of the ‘claimable period’ on the App which is aimed to remind the Users to choose the rewards they plan to claim before the time-window ends.

We acknowledge and would like to congratulate you for achieving your tier last month. If you manage to keep up the step-count trend until the end of the month, you should be able to achieve the same tier for this month and be entitled to claim the rewards in the first week of next coming month.

Kindly look out for the ‘pop-up’ reminders on the App within the 1st and 2nd last day of the coming month.

Our team are aware of the insufficiency when connecting Mi Fit data to Google Fit, and have highlighted to Xiao Mi multiple times. However, until they accept integration with any other external apps, there is very little we can do except relying on Google Fit.

We Would like to point out here that Google Fit has its own flaws, and our technical team suspect that Google Fit normally discount some of the steps from Mi Fit because Mi Band is quite sensitive and tend to capture more steps than actual (e.g. simple waving of hands might be captured as steps).

Ultimately our programme aims to motivate users to maintain an active lifestyle and at the same time enjoy some special deals from our reward partners, so if there are ways our can improve our app and integration partnership, we will always stay up to date. We welcome feedbacks from our users to help improve the platform further.

We have 4 levels of tier that user must achieve in order to claim reward, which are:

1- Bronze – User must maintain 3,000 – 5,999 average daily steps until last day of the month.
2- Silver – User must maintain 6,000 – 9,999 average daily steps until last day of the month.
3- Gold – User must maintain more than 10,000 average daily steps until last day of the month.
4- Platinum- user must maintain Gold level for 3 consecutive months.

The BookDoc reward tier will be assigned on the first day of the following month as long as you are able to maintain a minimum Average Step Count of 3000 steps until the end of the month.

Our reward claim cycle starts in the first week of every month, and your eligibility to claim the reward is based on your Average Daily Steps from the previous month. For example, if your status is currently at Bronze tier and you maintain the result until the end of the month, then your Bronze tier will be officially assigned on JANUARY 1st. You may log on to our app to claim the rewards corresponding to your tier. Don’t worry, users are given 12 days to claim their rewards thus you will have an ample time to select the rewards.

This cycle will repeat every month, i.e. you can claim rewards based on your November performance in December, December performance to claim in January 2019 and so on. This means that if you are always active and racked up many steps consistently, you will always have the opportunity to claim more great rewards from us every month!
At any point in time, you can open the Activ page of our app to view your current Average Daily Steps for the particular month. However, if you wish to view your historical steps, you can open the original source app e.g. Samsung Health, Google Fit or Apple Health.
Please let us know what is the model of your current iPhone. If it is iPhone 5/5c or below, these older models do not come with the necessary sensors to track your steps, which is why our BookDoc app could not sync the steps. To participate in our Activ programme, you may need a different phone or a fitness tracker such as Fitbit, Garmin and Mi Band 2 as a replacement.

If your phone model is iPhone 5S or above, it is most likely because you did not activate the steps tracking sensor. Kindly follow the steps below and you should be all set:

Open “Settings” >> Click “Privacy” >> Click “Motion & Health” >> Turn on “Fitness Tracking” and make sure “Health” is ON too.


Open “Health” >> Click “Sources” >> Click “BookDoc” >> make sure “Steps” is ON too

Once you have turned on the settings, restart the phone and walk around for a short while, you can then try to sync on BookDoc again and there should be some steps captured.
For your case, we are sorry to say that the current version of Google Fit app just compatible for android version 5.0 and above. You may download APKMirror app to download Google Fit old version. The function of APKMirror app is similar with Google/Play Store.

Maybe you can try open below link in your phone to download the previous version of Google Fit.


Please do let us know if still cannot
Store ID is to be entered by the Reward Partner’s staff in order for them to invalidate the e-voucher.

To redeem/use it, visit the Reward partner outlet (please read T&C for the participating outlet list) you just need open our app and show this e-voucher to the staff so that they can give you the discount. They will enter the Store ID to invalidate the e-voucher which will then disappear from your e-wallet.
Thank you for your interest on our Premium Programme.

To enable us to further assist you on your query, please share with us below detail:

1- Company’s name and address.
2- Person in charge that we can contact (HR).
3- Company Phone number.

Kindly inform us on how we can arrange meeting between out business development team and your person in charge.


* Applicable to Malaysian only

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact BookDoc.



Hotline: 1300 88 2362
Email: care@bookdoc.com
Website: BookDoc.com