How do I view my previous daily steps?

Press “Activ” followed by “Steps” to view your previous daily steps.

Do I have to sync daily?

No. However, we do not encourage a gap of longer than 5 days gaps to sync wearable device data to the app. In the app, historical data from the past 4 days will only be updated overnight. Immediate syncing updates steps for the same day only. If a user syncs their wearable device after an interval of more than 5 days, there is a risk of losing steps collected more than 5 days ago.

What is the “Store ID”?

The “Store ID” is the code that needs to be keyed in by the store’s staff. Please show your voucher at the counter.

How long before my vouchers expire?

You may claim vouchers on any day of the month. Vouchers are then valid for 15 days from the date of claim.

How do I join a Virtual Challenge?

Press “Activ”, followed by “Challenges”. Select one or more Virtual Challenges you would like to join then press “Join Challenge”.

Do I have to pay to join a Virtual Challenge?

While most of our Virtual Challenges are free to join, please refer to the terms and conditions of each individual Virtual Challenge to determine if any payment is required.