Eat Well, Wander Well: A Guide to Healthy Eating While Traveling

The holiday season is back! Exploring new destinations often involves trying new foods and experiencing different culinary traditions. However, maintaining a healthy diet while on the road can be challenging. Fast food joints, airport snacks, and unfamiliar cuisines may tempt you to deviate from your usual healthy eating habits. Fortunately, with a bit of planning…

Empowering Communities and Fostering Wellness: DOSH1648K Challenge and Karnival Jom Sihat 2023

Through innovative programs and digital solutions, the consecutive groundbreaking collaboration between BookDoc and the Department of Occupational Safety & Health Malaysia (DOSH) aims to empower individuals by nurturing physical health and fostering profound sense of belonging & support within the community. From the highly successful DOSH 1648K Virtual Steps Challenge to the engaging DOSH Karnival Jom Sihat 2023, the fun and excitement is just never ending. Read more to see what went down in the event!

Elevating Corporate Wellness: Body Composition Analysis and Nutrition Consultations at the Great Eastern Health Carnival

The Great Eastern Health Carnival is setting a new standard for corporate wellness by offering comprehensive body composition analysis and tailored nutrition consultations, taking employees’ health to new heights. This article explores how these approach are enhancing workplace well-being initiatives and fostering a healthier, more productive workforce.