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Beyond Sugar: The Diabetes-Kidney Connection

Diabetes is a major concern in Malaysia, impacting about 18% of adults. The connection between diabetes and kidney health is evident, with a significant portion of kidney disease cases linked to Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD). Uncontrolled diabetes poses a risk to kidney function over time. To protect kidney health, individuals with diabetes should prioritize regular check-ups, maintain stable blood sugar levels, control blood pressure, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and be alert to potential symptoms. Early detection and proactive management play a vital role in preserving kidney health amidst diabetes.

Empowering Communities and Fostering Wellness: DOSH1648K Challenge and Karnival Jom Sihat 2023

Through innovative programs and digital solutions, the consecutive groundbreaking collaboration between BookDoc and the Department of Occupational Safety & Health Malaysia (DOSH) aims to empower individuals by nurturing physical health and fostering profound sense of belonging & support within the community. From the highly successful DOSH 1648K Virtual Steps Challenge to the engaging DOSH Karnival Jom Sihat 2023, the fun and excitement is just never ending. Read more to see what went down in the event!

Empowering Corporate Wellness: Insightful Webinar on “Anxiety in the Workplace” for Beiersdorf Employees

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate well-being, mental health has emerged as a pivotal focal point, demanding attention and care. Recognizing this imperative, BookDoc recently organized a transformative mental health webinar for Beiersdorf, a forward-thinking company committed to the holistic wellness of its employees. This insightful event, conducted by the esteemed mental health speaker and…