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Valentine’s Day: Self-love Awareness

As Valentine’s Day approaches, shift the focus from external gestures to the heart’s most intimate connection – the one with oneself. Explore mindful practices, foster a healthy relationship with food, embrace mental well-being through gratitude, and acknowledge the vital role of physical self-care. Join us in celebrating a Valentine’s Day that goes beyond conventional expressions, focusing on the love that begins within, encompassing mind, body, and soul.

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World Cancer Day: Understanding Cancer

World Cancer Day stands as a crucial moment in our shared journey against a formidable opponent—cancer. In this short overview, we’ll explore why this day matters and the urgent need for everyone to understand the impact of cancer. Let’s break down what cancer is, its different types, and the numbers that reveal its widespread effect on people and communities globally. Beyond just acknowledging this day, our goal is to shed light on the complexities of cancer, making it accessible to all and inspiring a united effort to confront this challenge together.

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Beyond Sugar: The Diabetes-Kidney Connection

Diabetes is a major concern in Malaysia, impacting about 18% of adults. The connection between diabetes and kidney health is evident, with a significant portion of kidney disease cases linked to Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD). Uncontrolled diabetes poses a risk to kidney function over time. To protect kidney health, individuals with diabetes should prioritize regular check-ups, maintain stable blood sugar levels, control blood pressure, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and be alert to potential symptoms. Early detection and proactive management play a vital role in preserving kidney health amidst diabetes.