Celebrating The Heroes of the Unsung Giver

In “Celebrating 20 years of giving: thank you blood!”, we honor the countless lives saved by blood donors. Explore the profound benefits of blood donations for both recipients and donors, and find out where you can donate to make a difference. Join us in celebrating these life-saving heroes and learn how you can contribute to this vital cause.

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a woman is meditating | featured image for productivity secrets through meditation | BookDoc

Supercharge Your Life: Unleash Productivity Secrets Through Meditation

In today’s fast-paced world, we juggle numerous responsibilities from morning to night, often overlooking our health. Maintaining well-being is essential for a fulfilling and sustainable life. Taking brief pauses amidst our daily tasks helps sustain energy levels and productivity, preventing burnout. World Meditation Day emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, offering a break from the chaos and promoting mental and physical relaxation.

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Be a helping hand | Active Festivity: Propelling Your Fitness During Raya | BookDoc

Active Festivity: Propelling Your Fitness During Raya

As Muslims worldwide look forward to the joyous Hari Raya month following Ramadan, it’s a time of reunion and celebration with loved ones. Beyond feasting, it presents an opportunity to strengthen familial bonds through active festivities. Families can infuse the festivities with health and vitality by helping prepare, engaging in lively games, planning outdoor activities, and tracking daily steps, ensuring a truly fulfilling and memorable Hari Raya celebration.

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Building a Healthy World: Uniting for Equity and Human Rights | BookDoc

Building a Healthy World: Uniting for Equity and Human Rights

World Health Day calls for fairness and human rights in healthcare, education, clean environments, food, housing, work, and freedom from discrimination. This year’s theme, ‘My health, my right,’ emphasizes our collective responsibility to ensure everyone’s well-being. Let’s unite, raise awareness, and embrace inclusive policies to create healthier communities and a more equitable future.

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